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My newest work in the Geological Landscapes range are my wall pieces. They begin with a base plate, some have a plaque and some have a contoured base. Upon the base, geodes form: assembling in pairs, small groups or a group so large it completely covers the form.

I imagine these forms as if they were natural earth formations, growing and metamorphosing inside a hidden cavern. The base rock minerals transform and purify, becoming something all together different. Colour, vibrant and absorbing, emerges from the conversion, sparkling in the light that makes it through cracks in the earth. There they wait. For someone to discover its beauty.


I use my signature crystalline glazes coupled with translucent crackle glazes to produce these pieces. Whisps of matt are the rock surface, the crystals growing directly from it. The crackle glaze is the pure mineral forming in a seam through the rock.

This piece uses one of my favourite clays; black stoneware. Combined with porcelain and mixed together they create wonderful marbled colours. Within these forms deep reds and browns form where they sparkle like ruby.

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